Septic Tank Pumping Companies Near Me


If you are currently not under a scheduled septic system maintenance plan, you might be surprised when your toilets don’t flush one night. While septic systems are designed to be relatively maintenance free, regular service and cleaning can prevent an emergency situation.

If you have a septic emergency, it is important to be able to identify the signs of one should it occur. Septic emergencies can arise for many reasons such as a backed-up septic tank, a clogged leach field, or broken pipes. If you are experiencing any of the following signs, it is important to call a professional right away:

1. A strong smell of sewage in and around your home

2. Water seeping up from the ground near your septic system

3. Toilets or drains that are not flushing properly

4. Gurgling noises coming from your drains or toilets

5. Wet spots on the ground near your septic system

6. Pooling water near your septic tank or


If you determine that all of your toilets or drains are not draining normally, you must immediately cease using as much water as feasible. Don’t run your washing machine, dishwasher, or take any showers. You don’t want to make the problem worse. Then call us at Martin Septic Service or fill out our online request form to tell us what’s going on and have the best septic tank pumping company in Charlotte County come out to your property. We are the highest-rated septic tank pumping businesses in Charlotte County. Explain everything so we can dispatch the appropriate team to your house as soon As possible.

Taking on the hassle of cleaning your own pits can be time-consuming, expensive, and unpleasant. Fenkner Septic Services can clean your car wash pits on a regular basis to keep your basins free from excessive waste build-up. It’s easier to clean, and with less debris, you’ll have fewer stoppages, lower expenses, and reduced liability!


We provide the most comprehensive scheduled maintenance and inspection services in all of Pike and Wayne Counties. If you detect an issue, can’t remember when your septic tank was last pumped or recently acquired your home, give us a call. Fenkner Septic Service will try to schedule a septic tank pump-out as soon as possible. We’ll also check your system and give you a report on any issues we discover. Fortunately, Fenkner Septic Services is capable of cleaning automobile wash basins and tanks on a regular basis. On-call services allow us to remove the noxious pollutants and debris promptly, within 24 hours. Owners of car washes may sleep well knowing that the bays will stay clean and sludge-free.