Flushable Wipes Cause Major Blockage in your Septic.

Flushable wipes are advertised as being able to be disposed of down the toilet without issue. However, as many homeowners have discovered, these wipes can cause major blockages in your septic system. The reason for this is that unlike toilet paper, which breaks down quickly and easily, flushable wipes do not disintegrate when wet. This can cause major clogs that require professional help to clear.


The Growing Problems of Flushable Wipes 

In addition to causing blockages, flushable wipes can also lead to a number of other issues in your septic system. For example, they can reduce the capacity of your septic tank, leading to backups and overflow. They can also cause sludge build-up, which can eventually lead to system failure. Some issues that can be caused by flushable wipes include: 

Septic System backups

Flushable wipes can cause serious septic system backups. The wipes don’t break down the way toilet paper does, and they can easily clog up the system. This can lead to wastewater backing up into your home, and potentially causing expensive and dangerous damage.

Maintenance Issues

In addition to backups, flushable wipes can also cause maintenance issues for septic systems. The wipes can build up over time and create clogs, which can require costly professional cleaning services.

Environmental Concerns
There are also environmental concerns with using flushable wipes. Unlike toilet paper, which breaks down quickly and easily in septic systems, flushable wipes do not biodegrade quickly. This means that they can end up sitting in septic systems for long periods of time, leading to contamination and pollution.


Flushable Wipes are not “Flushable” 

There are a number of reasons that “flushable” wipes may not be actually flushable. For one, many wipes labeled as “flushable” contain plastics and other materials that are not biodegradable. These materials can easily clog up sewer systems and lead to costly repairs. Additionally, the way in which most people flush wipes (by putting them in the toilet and flushing) can actually cause them to become tangled up with other debris in the sewers, leading to even more blockages.

If you are experiencing problems with your septic system, and you have been using ‘flushable wipes’  it is likely that flushable wipes are the root of the issue. Be sure to avoid using these wipes and instead stick to regular toilet paper to avoid any septic issues in the future. 


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